About us

A Message from Sheila

The magic of Christmas never ends at CAShh. Since we began CAShh is blessed with the gift of time and generosity that impacts the success of our organization. Time donated has been a factor in our growth, our learning, our caring and our leading. We appreciate our volunteers but our donors put it all together. As we look back in 2016 we have experienced a 34% increase in the number of clients. Despite this increase we have met and exceeded our mission to care for people with cancer. I am proud to say that our programs lack the red tape of government agencies that frustrate so many entering our system. It is important to keep it that way. However, as the demands intensify so will our need for increased revenue to provide the quality of care we specialize in. Our town’s growing population and growing number of clients means growing expenses. We know that our supporters will come through generously to help us keep this high level of care.
Our volunteers are dedicated, energetic and committed to getting the job done. I believe they are motivated by what cancer does to families. We are encouraged by our supportive friends that stand behind us and keep us moving forward. Although we are not thrilled that so many need us, we are happy we are growing for the right reasons. As a new year approaches we are delighted to start another chapter in the story of CAShh. It is my wish for CAShh to continue bringing comfort on difficult days, smiles and hugs when sadness intrudes and enjoy the rainbows and laughter when good news is shared. We could not do this without your help and support. Thank you for giving generously. May the holiday spirit and blessings stay with you all year.

Never doubt the ability of just one individual that can help lessen the burden of others. Call us.

Finding CAShh

Has it been that long? 16 years ago with a lot of courage, we began a journey to help people. When the Canadian Cancer Society left town we decided to care for people with cancer on our own. Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills (CAShh) was founded. Cancer was not going away so we stepped up to ease the stress and pain of those with cancer in a practical way. We have become 500 wonderful volunteers strong. CAShh is blessed with many gifts entrusted to us. The programs are free to those needing assistance. We thank all who have supported us since we began. While our volunteers deliver many programs of care; it takes funds to keep our community kind, caring and unique. We are not funded by the government nor receive grants. We are solely dependent on the generosity of our donors through special events, our April campaign, In Memoriam gifts and bequests. We are grateful to the Summer Family who provides a gift of our office space to welcome those needing us. Thank you, Halton Hills, for continuing to support our one-of-a-kind charitable organization.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

  • Susan Tupling
  • Doug Keenie
  • Sandy Jaskulski
  • Lori Pollock
  • Anita DeBruyn
  • Patricia Stuart
  • Vickie Pasma
  • Ann Rae
  • Wendy Farrow-Reed
  • Rein Pater
  • Gordon Stevenson
  • Director of Operations: Sheila Smith

Sheila Smith – Director of Operations

Laurie Robinson – Transportation Convenor

Lyn Corbett – Bookkeeper

Marilyn Inglis – Campaign Co-ordinator