A Message from Sheila

CAShh is blessed with a community that cares! As we begin our new fiscal year it is important to thank all those that contribute to our success. Volunteers, donors, event planners and of course all the patients that teach us so much and keep us humble. We are proud of our team and with due diligence responsibly administer the public funds entrusted to us. We are listening to the individual needs of our patients to help make the road easier for those fighting cancer. Whoever said “winning isn’t everything” wasn’t fighting cancer and we admire their courage. In Halton Hills cancer patients have us in their fighting corner. While we experience so many cutbacks in health care, CAShh strives to create programs that benefit and comfort all of our patients through the stages of cancer. Of course we could never do this without the support of those that generously give. We are able to perform excellent service through funds received from our April campaign, special events, bequests, the many garage and bake sales, individual donations from appreciative patients and all the In Memoriam gifts. We are blessed to have the Summer family of the Mountainview Residence provide our beautiful home at no cost. These are the reasons it is possible to continue our good work despite the growing increase in requests.
Our desire to help patients and their families can be as simple as giving the gift of “hope”. Miracles do happen and having a positive attitude towards treatment and life can go a long way in helping the patient cope with the side effects of treatment. We are glad we acted on the need to provide this help 18 years ago as we spearheaded unknown territory with a simple $200.00 startup donation. That simple gesture to believe in us was the most important brick in building a successful organization. To all who make us thrive, thank you. We will try our best to surpass your expectations again this coming fiscal year.

Never doubt the ability of just one individual that can help lessen the burden of others. Call us.

Finding CAShh

Has it been that long? 18 years ago with a lot of courage, we began a journey to help people. When the Canadian Cancer Society left town we decided to care for people with cancer on our own. Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills (CAShh) was founded. Cancer was not going away so we stepped up to ease the stress and pain of those with cancer in a practical way. We have become 500 wonderful volunteers strong. CAShh is blessed with many gifts entrusted to us. The programs are free to those needing assistance. We thank all who have supported us since we began. While our volunteers deliver many programs of care; it takes funds to keep our community kind, caring and unique. We are not funded by the government nor receive grants. We are solely dependent on the generosity of our donors through special events, our April campaign, In Memoriam gifts and bequests. We are grateful to the Summer Family who provides a gift of our office space to welcome those needing us. Thank you, Halton Hills, for continuing to support our one-of-a-kind charitable organization.

Board of Directors 2018-2019

  • Vickie Pasma
  • Susan Tupling
  • Dympna Dewar
  • Patricia Stuart
  • Ann Rae
  • Jan Costain
  • Joe Crane
  • Karen Jacques

Sheila Smith – Director of Operations

Laurie Robinson – Transportation Convenor

Lyn Corbett – Bookkeeper

Julie Liddle - Fundraising and Campaign Coordinator