Double Exposure/Fossil Rockers and Friends concert raised $9, 670 for CAShh

Double Exposure/Fossil Rockers and Friends helped spread the joys of the season with their 3rd Annual Christmas Concert for CAShh in December 15, 2019. The concert raised $9, 670 for CAShh. The combined 3 years have raised over $38,000!

Thank you to Bill and Janine Kent for assembling such an amazingly talented group of musicians and vocalists. Thank you Brent Barkhouse, Aaron Bowers, Neil Cotton, Sean Cotton, Emilio Fina, Victor J. Hanson, Steve Jones, Bill Kent, Janine Kent, Lynzie Kent, Brittany Kent, Steve Martin, Mark Matthews, Donna McLellan, Larry Melton, John B. Miller, Joe Orlando, Mark Russom, Mackenzie Salhany, Don Sawchuk, Andrea Weber Steckly, Paul Thompson, John Wilcox and Erin Windibank.


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