Who We Are

Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills is a community-based organization of volunteers in Halton Hills. Our mission is to provide support and hope to cancer patients, family and friends.

Our greatest wish would be that cancer didn’t hurt people; but until a cure is found, the phone stops ringing, and there is no need for people requiring personal attention, CAShh will be here for them. Your continued support makes this happen!

We Are Different

Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills is not associated with any cancer organization, nor do we receive any government grants to fund our services. We are entirely dependent on this community’s generosity and support. Our mandate is to help those touched with cancer.

  • Practical Assistance

    CAShh can help by lending you equipment and supplies, including:

    ● hospital beds
    ● walkers
    ● canes
    ● wigs
    ● transportation chairs
    ● supplies assessed individually.

  • Reiki/Reflexology

    The benefits of our relaxation program (Reiki/Reflexology) go a long way to comfort the soul, help patients return to health, or deal with the devastating side effects of treatment.

  • Transportation for Cancer Patients

    Transportation to and from treatment centres is one of our busiest needs. Our drivers lend their time, friendship and support to the cancer experience. Our volunteer drivers transport patients to hospitals in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga and Brampton for treatment, as well as various other locations.

Where Does your Donation Go?

The majority of your donations go directly to our patient programs; only a small amount is used for fundraising, administration and overhead expenses.

Please be assured that your donations are managed responsibly, and stay within the Halton Hills community.

So Many People to Thank

CAShh is grateful to all the generous people who make all our programs possible.